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Have a happy journey to motherhood:

This is a happy time for Indonesian actress Jessica Mila because she is about to have her first child with her husband Yakup Hasibuan. She feels a lot of different feelings at this point in her life, and Jessica is working hard to make her personal and professional lives fit together like a tapestry.

Jessica Mila Work Changes for Pregnancy:

When Jessica Mila told her bosses she was pregnant, she had to rethink her work obligations. She has planned to make changes to her job because she knows the journey ahead will be hard on her body and mind. Jessica is honest about how she works and says that she now chooses projects that are good for her and her growing family. Movie roles, which require a lot of time on set, are on hold for now while she enjoys the unique challenges and joys of becoming a mother.

Jessica Mila said in a meeting in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, on Monday, October 2, 2023, “I’ve cut down on hard work; starring in movies is currently not possible.”

Selective Work Choices:

Jessica Mila is being careful with her work choices now that she is four months pregnant. The actor, who is now 31 years old, is very picky about the projects she works on and avoids taking on ones that will take too much of her time and energy. She can put her health and well-being first while still being creatively involved in her job thanks to this selective method.

Because Jessica is aware that some jobs can be hard on her body, she is now looking for chances that give her a balance between work and her own health. Now, events, making content for social media, and commercial shoots are her main job options. These are roles that fit her changing lifestyle without limiting her ability to be creative.

Jessica Mila Physical and Mental Preparation:

Jessica Mila is preparing herself carefully for the physical and mental challenges that come with being pregnant and soon to be a mother. Her dedication to self-improvement goes beyond the job and into the areas of knowledge that will help her on this life-changing path.

“I read a lot of books.” “There’s still a lot of data to collect,” she said. Not only does her deliberate effort to learn more about motherhood show how committed she is to personal growth, but it also makes her an advocate for how important it is to keep learning throughout life.

Jessica Mila Getting Through Morning Sickness:

Like many other pregnant women, Jessica Mila has had to deal with morning sickness during her pregnancy. She was honest about her experiences and said she had periods of feeling sick and throwing up, which were often accompanied by headaches. Being honest about the physical pains of pregnancy brings out the real and understandable parts of it, which helps mothers feel more connected with each other.

“Nausea, vomiting, and headaches,” she said. Mila added, “Up until the 15th week,” which showed how strong and tough you had to be during this time.

Important Life Events and the Announcement of Pregnancy:

Jessica Mila’s path to motherhood began on May 5, 2023, when she married Yakup Hasibuan. Beginning of a new part of her life with this marriage. When the star of the movie Imperfect shared the happy news of her first pregnancy on Instagram on September 5, 2023, she asked her fans to join her in this life-changing experience.

Jessica Mila has to balance her work obligations with her personal preparations for motherhood. Her deliberate and careful approach is a great example of the difficult balancing act many women have to do. The choices she makes show how important it is to keep your personal and work life in sync during big changes in your life. Jessica Mila shows the beauty of growth, resilience, and the joy that comes with looking forward to a new life by embarking on this life-changing journey.


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